“One of the best pair of ears I
know!” -Jeff Anderson (Nashville

“Sounded like it was recorded at
Atlantic Records.” -Brian Wolf

“I would never use anyone
else…….Ever!” -JeÙ Sullivan
(Drummer of Randomizer)

“Great studio! Great atmosphere,
very high level pro A+++.” -Kris
(songwriter/performer/singer of
Gargantua Soul, Dive Bomber &

“My disc gets constant comments
on how “big” the sound is.” -Flav

“Great guy, Great studio, and
Great friend, -John and I have
done many projects together
including my Úrst solo album and
tracks which appeared on some
of my other albums and me as a
guest artist on recoreds from USA
and Europe. Ho’s one of my
favorite people in this lousy
business. Love ya Johnny” -Tony
Spada (Virtuoso guitarist of
Holding Pattern & Composer)

“Omg. This guy is a freaking pro!
Loved the results of my last
project there. Pretty sure John
can do anything.” -JeÙ Carter
(guitarist of Randomizer & master
of M.I.D.I.)

“John’s got the Golden Ear.” -Mark
Falade (producer/Guitarist)

“John knows his shit, had a great
time recording with him. I would
highly recommend him and his
studio. He is a wealth of
knowledge not only for the
recording part but for the whole
industry!” -Roger Rainville