Massiphonic Studio Services

-Recording is the sonic capturing of instruments and voice to a digital or analog medium utilizing superb equipment and acoustic designs.
-Mixing is the manipulation of multiple tracks in which each track contains a sound, resulting in a blend that is captured in a mix-down stereo or 5.1
surround medium. (mastering is included with mixes)
-Mastering is the manipulation of your completed mixes to increase clarity, punch, and apparent loudness of the Únal product.
-Production is the overseeing of the recording process and the creation of "a sound" i.e. a unique and marketable product, including the improvement of
the songwriting and the artists' delivery and performance.
-Home studio consulting is the creation of a plan devised to assist a home recordist in creating a commercially acceptable product by the utilization of
both a home and professional recording studio within their budget.
-Music project management is the overseeing of a full length cd release, from artist concept, cd concept, sound, look, demographic and marketing
tactics through recording, pressing, and down-loadable Úles. (you must have a promotional budget)